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Portland Oregon


about the Cook brothers

Cook Brothers Omnia became a reality in 2009 when Ethan, in search of a new challenges, sold his share in a successful working boatyard in Southern Maine and moved to Portland, Oregon where his brother Silas has resided for the past 25 years.

Settling in Portland, Oregon in 1989 Silas began his career in the fine arts community working for public artist Larry Kirkland as a fabricator and subsequently landed a position at the Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery at Reed College were he worked as Assistant Director for 22 years.  

In ’09, after years on opposite coasts, the Cook Brothers were reunited and set about to creating their dream: an independently owned and operated company that would allow them the freedom to design, build and collaborate with other creatives in a wide variety of disciplines. The plan has been a success and in just 5 short years Cook Brothers Omnia has established itself as a Northwest company able to handle a wide range of projects for a diverse set of clients. Their work is anchored in their New England work ethic and is committed to the creation of unique objects and finding artful solutions to complicated design problems.